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Daybed Dreams

We get LOTS of requests for daybeds, so when we designed a bedroom for a lively little boy, we were excited to do some experimenting! By combining our King Crown headboard with our Twin platform bed frame, we created a quick-and-easy daybed oozing with style.

We had the best time scheming this handsome haven. When it came to choosing fabric for the daybed, Safari, Khaki was a no-brainer and screamed “all boy”. Playing off the colors in the camo-like fabric, we used warm-toned Luxe Velvets and Hair on Hide for pillows, creating masculine depth and texture that the two year old will love for years to come.

Because our Crown headboard requires no attaching to the bed frame, we were magically able to place our all-foam slipcovered King Crown Headboard behind the long side of our twin bed frame. For the finishing touches, we added in the oh-so-stylish Teeny Swivel in Pinstripe, Gray Mist with Hair on Hide outback, and the Lil Ottoman in Safari, Khaki to match the bed!